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  • Strategies that save lives.

    Over 1.8 million people have been killed and more than 2.8 billion have been affected by natural disasters in the last 10 years alone. The Global Food Exchange™ was created to change this.

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  • Food, our most precious commodity.

    The Global Food Exchange™ is seeking to be the world leader in strategic food reserve development, we bring together emergency food providers and buyers to create the most efficient solutions for disaster preparation and assistance in the world.

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  • Introducing the relief vault.

    The Relief Vault is a secure physical storage container that can hold emergency food, shelter, water filtration systems, or a combination. Each relief vault can be stored in a secure location throughout the world and is designed to be rapidly deployed to the world’s most susceptible geographic regions.

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Getting strategic about food reserves.

The Global Food Exchange™ was founded out of a need to more efficiently provide emergency disaster relief around the World. Through efforts of the Global Food Exchange™ and strategic partners, we aim to provide complete meals composed of highly nutritious ingredients, portable water systems, and shelter systems wherever disasters happen.


System  v.  Product

The Global Food Exchange has been specifically designed to revolutionize current inefficiencies in the production and distribution of food and related supplies.

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Mission  v.  Money

The Mission of the Global Food Exchange is to provide the world’s most efficient critical relief sourcing platform, making them available where and when they are needed.

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Public  v.  Private

Whether you want government to do more or less, it cannot do it all. The Global Food Exchange and its strategic partners have developed solutions that ease the burden on governments and aid agencies.

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